It has been a while! And we are now back with some awesome news! The news was actually leaked 2 weeks ago after Almonit published on twitter the link to our upcoming title: conquest.eth.

Our upcoming title…

Almonit is by the way a very cool project, worth checking out. They are indexing the decentralised web!

We are excited to be able to release a first alpha of conquest.eth very soon. We have been working on this game for more than a year and it is finally approaching a stable state.

conquest.eth is a game set in space where player compete over the control…

Hello All!

It has been a while and it is time for an update.

Some of you might not have even experienced it but after a year live on the Ethereum mainnet we paused the competitions in November 2017 as the player volume was too low to sustain the platform. We decided to make a relaunch mid 2018 by first finding third party game developers to build on our platform to provide a wide selection of quality games. We released our sdk (still available here: and attended GDC 2018 with that objective in mind.

Unfortunately this turned out to…

Back in June, we decided to participate in the status hackathon. We wanted to make a game that would run on the app. But more than anything we wanted a fully decentralised game, a game that can’t be censored, a game that run entirely on the blockchain. An unstoppable game.

Even though it runs on the blockchain, we of course wanted to provide a smooth experience to the players as we do with our skill game platform at

We thought to use state channel over some peer to peer protocol (or at least for the hackathon use a…

Lots of things happened since last update in March. We hoped to post updates regularly but things got in our way.


While we were planning to release games regularly, we got delayed and instead focused on finding third party game developers which in our opinion is far more important in the long run. This is still a work in progress but look forward to when we get something to show. We did not abandon the plan to make more games ourselves though :)

Actually we released a test game on ropsten for testing integration with the mobile ethereum client …

After our successful launch on January 3rd we kept getting busier and busier. As a result we did not share any info on our launch and beyond. We would like here to correct that and offer you an update of what we have been doing and where Etherplay is heading to.

The Last 2 months

In the last 2 months we learned a lot by looking at and interacting with our players. We published several updates to our first game to keep player engaged and gathered feedback from all of you. We would like to thank all our players who participated and played our…

We did not made the headlines yet and we thought it is time to explain what Etherplay is all about. This blog post will hopefully give you a general idea of what it is. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave comments.

What is Etherplay?

Before everything else, Etherplay is a game platform. It aims at providing fun games for players all over the world. Our team has always had a passion for games. We love playing them and more importantly we love making them. …


Building Unstoppable Games

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