conquest.eth: 5000$ worh of prizes will be available for the alpha coming on December 7th.

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Hi all!

We are excited to announce that our upcoming alpha on December 7th will have 5000$ worth of rewards thanks to our sponsors.

This is great news and we can’t wait to see players battling for it.

Like last alpha some of these rewards will be distributed to random planets showcasing each sponsors logo and adding an interesting twist to the game.

Will you try to be top of the leader-board or instead simply focus on capturing the planet’s rewards ?

Our sponsors

Our first sponsor is Xaya. They are the true OG of blockchain gaming (anyone remember huntercoin ?) and are now building a platform for making fully decentralised games. Two games are on the pipeline at least: Taurion and Soccer Manager Elite. We are thrilled to have them adding 2500 WCHI (worth around 1000$) to the reward pool.

in-game Defi Alliance’ suns

Our second sponsor is Defi Alliance. Defi Alliance is the leading decentralized finance accelerator and just started a web3 game accelerator that we are part of. Checkout the other games of the cohort here. They have already been super helpful for us and we are glad for them to sponsor us with 1000 USDC.

in-game POKT’s suns

Our third sponsor is POKT Network. They are our ethereum node provider of choice and we are so thrilled to have them adding 1000 DAI to alpha’s players reward! They will also be providing a community node for players to connect their wallet to!

How rewards are going to be distributed

On top of the 3000$ worth of tokens sponsor provide, we also add 2000$ worth of PLAY tokens (name to be decided) that will be distributed when we reach mainnet.

Our 2000$ PLAY prize will be distributed to the top 18 players. But to ensure the leader-board have more importance, part of the sponsors rewards will also be given to the top 18. To keep things round, we decided to bring the total for the leader-board prize to 3200$ worth of tokens:

That is what the top 18 leader-board will share :

  • 2000$ worth of future PLAY token from us
  • 400 DAI from POKT
  • 400 USDC from Defi Alliance
  • 1000 WCHI from Xaya

These will be distributed as follow :

- 1st score: 1000 PLAY + 140 DAI + 140 USDC + 350 WHCI

- 2nd : 400 PLAY + 70 DAI + 70 USDC + 175 WCHI

- 3rd: 200 PLAY + 40 DAI + 40 USDC + 100 WCHI

- 4th: 100 PLAY + 30 DAI + 30 USDC + 75 WCHI

- 5th: 50 PLAY + 20 DAI + 20 USDC + 50 WCHI

- 6 to 10th (x5): 20 PLAY + 20 DAI + 20 USDC + 50 WCHI

- 11 to 17th (x7): 20 PLAY

- 18th: 10 PLAY

The remaining 600 DAI, 600 USDC and 1500 WCHI from sponsors will be distributed to random planets a the game get played out. To get these, you’ll have to either hold the planet until the end of the alpha or exit it successfully (takes 3 days).

The alpha starts on December 7th 10AM UTC and will end on December 23th 10PM UTC.

Note that, the distribution of reward will have to wait the holidays season, so expect to wait a bit before getting the reward. Also for USDC and DAI, to reduce gas cost, we will be sending these token interchangeably. So if you are supposed to get 20 DAI + 20 USDC, expect to receive 40 DAI instead.

As for the future PLAY tokens, as mentioned, this will only be given at the time conquest.eth launch on mainnet on a specific L2 where you ll be able to use these token to play the game or cash them out back to DAI.

The Scoring system

We are reusing the same scoring system as the previous alpha. Some players will receive more PLAY token than other to better reflect reality. But note that the more token you are given, the more you need capture planets’s stake to get an equivalent score as someone with less tokens.

The equation is as follow :

CONTROLLED_STAKE = how many stake a player controls at the end date (December 23rd 10PM UTC) + the amount of token you have on your wallet or ready to be withdrawn at that time.


Draws will be solved by looking at the length of time the stake was secured.

Note the more tokens will be given as the game plays out, to again better represent reality where you might not want to spend all in one go.

What’s next?

If you want to participate, you ll have to join our Discord. We will be distributing links there!

So Join us here and fire away any questions in the mean time!


Etherplay’s team



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