conquest.eth alpha will launch on May 1st!

Hi all,

Time is flying, we announced a month ago the imminent launch of conquest.eth’s alpha. Guess what? We are almost ready for it!

We spent the last few weeks fine tuning the details and to make things more interesting we are going to offer a reward for players that succeed well in the game. 1,000$ worth of our Etherplay token to be won as part of the alpha’s competition. This will be given after we launch on mainnet. Tokens will be given on the L2 solution we choose to launch on.

Yes, you read it right, we will launch with a token that player will need in order to play our games. We won’t go in details of how it is going to work yet. But for the alpha it won’t matter as we will be giving players some testnet tokens. You just need to be registered to conquest’s mailing list (see : The testnet tokens will serve as your entry pass to the alpha. We might limit the number of players so if you are interested, register now.

Conquest.eth is an open-ended game but for that alpha, to make the reward work, we are going to setup a start and end date. Player will be rewarded based on their success compared to others. We are thinking of a 3–4 week period. It will start on May 1st! Hopefully that should give you enough time to get ready. Join our discord to ask questions. More details will come in our next announcement.

By the way, we welcome any sponsors to increase the winning prizes. If you like decentralised games or just like what we do, get in touch!

All the best to you all!

Etherplay’s team



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