Conquest.eth’s Beta: 7,000$ worth of prizes starting on March 23rd. Thanks to our 3 sponsors!

Hi all!

We are excited to announce that there will be 7,000$ worth of rewards for our upcoming conquest.eth’s beta to be launched on March 23rd. Thanks to our sponsors!

We can’t wait to see players battling for it.

The rewards will be split between the leader-board (top 18 players) and random planets showcasing each sponsors logo and adding an interesting twist to the game.

What will your strategy be? Will you try to reach the top of the leader-board or focus on capturing the planet’s rewards ?

Our Sponsors

Gnosis Chain

Conquest runs on Gnosis Chain. Gnosis Chain has long history in the space and is currently working on becoming a canary network for ETH 2.0. Formerly known as xdai, it was the network we chose initially for Ethernal, a fully on-chain dungeon crawler game.

We are very excited to have them sponsoring the game with 3,000$. They are also adding 500$ to cover the gas cost. Keep an eye on their planet :


We also have Xaya on board, for the third time! They are the true OG of blockchain gaming (anyone remember huntercoin ?) and are now building a platform for making fully decentralised games. Two games are on the pipeline at least: Taurion and Soccer Manager Elite.

We are thrilled to have them adding 3,000 WCHI (worth around 1,000$) to the reward pool.

Pokt Network

POKT Network is joining us again too. A full node network, we used Pokt in our last alpha for our rpc endpoints and will continue to do so for the upcoming beta.

Pokt is adding 1,000 DAI to beta’s players reward. They will also be providing a community node for players to connect their wallet to!

How rewards are going to be distributed

On top of the 5,000$ worth of tokens from the sponsors, we’ll also add 2,000$ worth of PLAY tokens (name to be decided) distributed when we reach full release.

2,000$ PLAY prize will be distributed to the top 18 players. But to ensure the leader-board have more importance, part of the sponsors rewards will also be given to the top 18. This will bring the total for the leader-board prize to 4,600$ worth of tokens with the WCHI only available on planets (subject to changes):

That is what the top 18 leader-board will thus share :

  • 2,000$ worth of future PLAY token from us
  • 2,600$ XDAI

These will be distributed as follow :

  • 1st: 800 PLAY + 1,100 XDAI
  • 2nd: 400 PLAY + 550 XDAI
  • 3rd: 200 PLAY + 300 XDAI
  • 4th: 75 PLAY + 125 XDAI
  • 5th: 70 PLAY + 70 XDAI
  • 6th: 65 PLAY + 65 XDAI
  • 7th: 60 PLAY + 60 XDAI
  • 8th: 55 PLAY + 55 XDAI
  • 9th: 50 PLAY + 50 XDAI
  • 10th: 45 PLAY + 45 XDAI
  • 11th: 40 PLAY + 40 XDAI
  • 12th: 35 PLAY + 35 XDAI
  • 13th: 30 PLAY + 30 XDAI
  • 14th: 25 PLAY + 25 XDAI
  • 15th: 20 PLAY + 20 XDAI
  • 16th: 15 PLAY + 15 XDAI
  • 17th: 10 PLAY + 10 XDAI
  • 18th: 5 PLAY + 5 XDAI

The remaining 1,400 XDAI and 3,000 WCHI from sponsors will be distributed to random planets as the game is played out. To get these, you’ll have to either hold the planet until the end of the beta or exit it successfully (takes 3 days).

The beta starts on March 23rd 10:00 AM UTC and will end on April 8th 10:00 PM UTC.

Note that we will be sending the rewards on Gnosis Chain network (except for WCHI rewards).

As for the future PLAY tokens, as mentioned, this will only be given at the time conquest.eth launch its first full release where you will be able to use these token to play the game or cash them out back to DAI/XDAI.

The Scoring system

We are reusing the same scoring system as previously. Further play token will be distributed over time.

The equation is as follows :

CONTROLLED_STAKE = how many stake a player controls at the end date (April 8th 10:00 PM UTC) + the amount of token you have on your wallet or ready to be withdrawn at that time.


Draws will be solved by the length of time the stake was secured.

What’s next?

Join our discord to participate and get an access key!

Link here.

Fire away any questions in the mean time!


Etherplay’s team




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