Etherplay is back!

It has been a while! And we are now back with some awesome news! The news was actually leaked 2 weeks ago after Almonit published on twitter the link to our upcoming title: conquest.eth.

Our upcoming title…

Almonit is by the way a very cool project, worth checking out. They are indexing the decentralised web!

We are excited to be able to release a first alpha of conquest.eth very soon. We have been working on this game for more than a year and it is finally approaching a stable state.

conquest.eth is a game set in space where player compete over the control of planets. The game is setup so alliance formation and abolition will play a key role and we expect thus to see diplomacy as being a key aspect to the game. The game, written in solidity and html/javascript will fully run on-chain. We also designed our game to ensure maximum decentralisation and you’ll be able to play the game right of IPFS. We are using @wighawag’s Jolly Roger web app template as a base and we are planning to help make it easier to build decentralised games in the future too.

We are actually already thrilled to see more and more on-chain games being released. While fully decentralised game have existed for a long time, like Hunter coin and now Xaya, it is great to see Ethereum/EVM based game running on various ETH-based chain and the interoperability they offer. After our own founder, @wighawag released several beta of Ethernal, we saw the release of Dungeon Protocol, Dark Forest and now Cometh. It is also worth mentioning Austin Griffith‘s Galleass and DAOG. Exiting times!

conquest.eth follows that same trends. It actually share similarity with Dark Forest in both the theme and the user experience. Our game is indeed also about planets and asymmetric information. One important difference though on the tech side, is that our game make no use of zkSNARK, at least for now :) Interestingly, it means conquest.eth could have been made a while ago, back in 2016 and it would have worked fine with the gas price back then :)

Talking about gas price, while our game could definitely run on ethereum mainnet, the current gas price would make the game available only to a few. As such, our plan is to release the game on L2 solutions. We are especially interested in rollup solution like Arbitrum by Offchain Labs or OVM, but even more so, the zk rollup flavour like what Matter Labs is working on.

They might not be ready in time though and we might also explore side-chain solution like Matic and their POS bridge or xdai in the mean time.

In any case, we are happy to share that Etherplay is continuing its exploration on blockchain gaming and hope you are excited too. We will provide more information about the game very soon.

Some furthers news:

We revamped our look with a new logo and website.

And we now have a discord server here.

Hope to see you there :)